Copy Forex Trading

If you don’t have time or the energy to trade your own strategy, another valid option is to go for copy trading. Using our platform, you can achieve some good returns by following Us, using the copy trading functionality. That option is 100% passive and can be the right choice for passive income.

Forex trading is time-consuming. If you don’t dedicate it at all, there is no chance to succeed.

Not everyone wants to stare all day long at the computer for the best trade. Because of that, we decide to offer to our customers a copy trading service.

Copy Trading lets you benefit from our experience and knowledge. Trading is tricky! And going it alone could be a recipe of failure. So why not gives someone who is more experienced trade for you. That’s basically what copy trading is.


​The idea of copy trading is simple: use technology to copy the realtime forex trades of live forex trading system providers. So every time they trade, you can automatically replicate (copy) their trades in your own account.


  • Copy Trading permits traders, regardless of their level of expertise, to enter the market.
  • The followers don’t need to educate themselves about trading before diving in, though.
  • Our success is your success.
  • Copy Trading is a good point of entry into the Forex market for any novice trader.
  • The novice can now piggyback on those that know more about trading.
  • Copy Trading is a good point of entry into the Forex market for anyone who wants to invest their money. You know about negative bank interest, right? Here is deferent – you can earn 5-10% monthly. Isn’t it wonderful?
  • We all have dreams and aspirations of becoming wealthy and making it big. With Copy Trading, your dreams can become a reality – and is often a quick way out for those that don’t quite fit into the corporate environment.

So, with simple words: You copy our trades, and whenever that we make a trade, your account will make that trade as well in realtime.
Everything is automatic, and you don’t have to let your computer working 24/7. Everything happens on the platform that we will offer you. You do not pay for any resources.

How does copy trading works?

Copy-trading connects your account with our trading account. Once you do that, all of our opened trades are copied to your account. Furthermore, all of our actions in the future are automatically copied to your account, as well.
And you have the full control of your funds.

For example, if there is a trade you don’t like, or you think that if it remains open for longer, you will end up losing from it (or lose more), then you can manually close it.


  • You can choose to copy only preferred instruments, or you can choose to copy them all.
  • You can choose your own risk management system, or you can choose to use our risk management.
  • Everything is at your control all the time.
  • We do not have access to your money.
  • We trade our account and the system copy trades to your account.
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