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Phore / PHR /

Phore / PHR /DELIVERING BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY TO THE REAL WORLD Cryptocurrency trading predictions  Phore Throughout our history, we’ve worked with institutions at the heart of the U.S. financial system, such as the Securities Exchange Commission and the IRS. We’ve served agencies combating domestic and international money laundering. We’ve protected the nation’s critical financial infrastructure, and [...]
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Numeraire / NUM /

First Cryptocurrency Issued By A Hedge Fund

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Horizen / ZEN /

Horizen is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency and a leading-edge technology platform.

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Genesis Vision / GVT /

Genesis Vision / GVT /Decentralized Platform for Trust Management Cryptocurrency trading predictions  GVT. Investors don’t directly trade on the market themselves, they choose an investment program that suits their risk tolerance and profit requirement. Instead, managers carry out the trading, while investors receive profit according to managers performance. Buy and Sell with our Signals Crypto [...]
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