Weekly Forex Analysis

Weekly Forex Analysis

Why choose our Forex Analysis?

Trade with the “Smart Money”, not against them – and you will always be profitable!

Why choose our Forex Analysis?

With our Weekly Forex Analysis, you could increase the effectiveness of your trade like a professional trader!

Now you might ask – what is so special about your analysis? They are unique, because, with our years of experience in this analysis, we try to find our best shots for the forex market for the next week. Every Sunday, we make a couple of different market analysis and prepares our week ahead. We offer you only these currencies that have the best chances for profit

Additionally, you will get information about significant supports and resistance zones. Also, you will be informed about where to Buy or Sell, where to put the Stop Loss and where to place your target/s. We’ll share with you what Action Price signals to wait for a buy or a sell. As a bonus, you are going to receive tips and tricks about Money and Risk management.

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Now, how we make our Forex Analysis and why it works and profitable?

Our analysis and forex trading are mainly based on two currents in Forex trading – Trend Following Analysis and Volume Spread Analysis:

Trend Following Analysis.

Forex Trading in the direction of the trend is one of the most secure and profitable forex strategies. To understand the essence of Trend Following Analysis, you first need to brush up on the foundations of the system and then go deep into the fundamental theory of trend analysis. Complementing the Trend are the levels of support and resistance that tell you where institutional traders place their orders.

What is Trend?

Generally speaking, the Trend is the price movement of a financial instrument.

As far as direction is concerned, there are trends:

Ascending – An uptrend (bullish Trend) we have when every next peak (maximum) is higher than the previous one and each subsequent bottom (minimum) is higher than the previous one.

Descending – We have a downtrend (bearish Trend) when each next high (maximum) is lower than the previous one, and each subsequent low (minimum) is lower than the previous one.

Often, after a particular directional movement (Trend) is exhausted, the price starts to move “horizontally”. This movement is called range or consolidation. It is characterized by roughly equal highs and bottoms and is subject to different trading rules.

In terms of duration, we distinguish three types of a trend – long-term, medium-term and short-term.

The essential thing in trend trading is to identify the primary (long-term) Trend and to make the deals consistent with it.

A trend from a higher timeframe changes its direction less-frequently and therefore trades in its direction have a higher chance of success.

Volume Spread Analysis (VSA).

What is VSA?

Most global traders know two widely used approaches to analyze the Forex market. These are precisely the fundamental and technical analysis. Each analysis uses different methods. Generally speaking, the crucial question is why something on the market will happen. Instead, the technical analysis answers the question of when it will happen.

VSA is the third approach that combines the best of technical and fundamental analysis. It answers the questions “why” and “when” at the same time.

Why does VSA work?

The most reliable way to make money in the financial markets is when you know what the prominent market players (The Smart Money) are doing. These are the central banks, commercial banks, government funds and other large financial institutions. They are the leading market players who determine the flow of orders and for one reason or another move the market in a particular direction. Their actions are speculative or commercial, and the resources available to them are unlimited.

When large market players enter the market, it shows a high volume of trading and, conversely, when the volume of the market is low, The Smart Money is more likely to refrain from trading.

From here it should be concluded that to understand what the “big players” are doing, it is not enough to look at the charts but to keep track of the price movement along with the volume of trading.

VSA is the only way to really understand why and what’s happening in the market. 

In conclusion…

The combination of Trend Following analysis and VSA makes our Weekly Forex Analysis so unique and profitable! 

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